Peco 0 Gauge GWR 'Toad' Brake Van

Code: KW601
£47.50 each Ratio Plastic Models

Peco Part Number W-601

Iconic GWR Goods Brake Van. Unlike other companies' brake vans, the GWR's unique single verandah design meant that they had to be turned on a turntable before the return journey. Easy to assemble from the correctly coloured injection moulded components (no painting necessary). Kits include Transfers. Buffers are sprung and 3-link couplings are included on all models, while the BR wagons also feature working axlebox springs and moveable brake levers. Fine scale metal tyred wheels on pin-point axles supplied, spoked for the GWR wagons or 3-hole disc for the BR types. Fully illustrated instructions included.