Parkside 00 BR(E) 13T steel body hopper wagon 4mm

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£15.95 each Parkside
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Parkside by Peco. Peco part number PC90

PC90 Parkside by Peco BR(E) 13 Ton Steel Body Hopper Wagon Kit.


Over 2,600 of these wagons were built for use on British Railways, between 1949 and 1953. They became synonymous with the North East Region, where coal drop staithes were commonly provided in the station goods yard, so a bottom-discharge hopper was the obvious type to use. Although intended for transporting coal, in later life they became more nomadic around the UK and were used for carrying other materials such as stone and sand. The last examples lingered in service until the early 1980s.

The Parkside kit - the first to be released by Peco - captures the character of these wagons very nicely. Moulded in high-quality plastic the underframe mouldings are black and the body parts grey. Painting and weathering would probably look best and the kit comes supplied with a set of Modelmaster waterslide decals. Some wire is also included for the handrails and metal-rimmed wheels, and bearings.

LNER 20 ton Goods Brake Van ‘Toad E’ (diagram 64). 900 of these vans were built between 1930 and 1936. Seen all over the former LNER system, they lasted in service into the mid 1960s.

Available singly or multipacks, with 00, EM or P4 wheelsets.