Heat Shrink Tube, 1m long,

Code: HSTBK16
Black 1/16" (1.6mm)
£1.20 each
Heat Shrink Diameter

Shrink ratio typically 2/1. Size is internal diameter before shrinking. Select "Choose Options" for colour and size.

3/64" (1.2mm) ID shrinks to 0.6mm. Suitable for 10/0.1 Wire. It will fit 7/0.2 but is a snug fit before shrinking.

1.6mm ID shrinks to 0.8mm. Suitable for 7/0.2 Wire.

3/32in ID shrinks to 3/64in. Suitable for 16/0.2 Wire.

1/8in ID shrinks to 1/16in.

3/16in ID shrinks to 3/32in.

1/4in ID shrinks to 1/8in.