Ratio 00 Gauge Locomotive Servicing Depot

Code: KR540
£27.95 each Ratio Plastic Models

Ratio Part Number 540

The kit comprises a coaling stage, water tower with crane, and a hoist for loading the coal. This model and the Engine Shed kit (Ref 522) make a good starting point for any layout in need of steam engine facilities. The Pecoscene Real Coal range (PS-330 -332) provides the perfect addition, as do the Pecoscene Ash and Cinder Scatter Materials (PS-320 - 322). An Inspection Pit (Peco LK-56/156) was also a common feature. Supplied with pre-coloured parts although painting and/or weathering can add realism (See the Pecoscene Weathering Powder PS-362 Coal Dust); glue is required to complete this model. Footprint: 140mm x 80mm